Glazed Carrots

Five ingredients and 20 minutes is all you need to make these easy & delicious Glazed Carrots. Perfect for busy weeknights or holiday meals!

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Easy and inexpensive side dishes like these Glazed Carrots are my go-to during busy weeknights. They’re super simple to make, they have the perfect amount of sweetness, and they pair well with so many different meals. They’re not only great for weeknight dinners, but they’re also perfect for special occasions and holidays like Easter and Thanksgiving. This recipe is a favorite in my household, and the best part is…five ingredients and 20 minutes is all you need!

Overhead view of glazed carrots in a white serving dish.

Ingredients For Glazed Carrots

Coming in at under $2 a recipe with only five ingredients, it doesn’t get much easier than these delicious Glazed Carrots! Here’s everything you’ll need:

  • Carrots: We used whole carrots for this recipe. Look for carrots that are fairly even in length and girth so they’ll cook more evenly. You can either scrub or peel the carrots, however I prefer to peel them. 
  • Butter: Butter adds a rich flavor to the carrots and combines with the brown sugar to help make the delicious glaze.
  • Brown Sugar: Brown sugar adds the perfect amount of sweetness to the glaze. We used dark brown sugar for a deeper molasses flavor, but feel free to use light brown sugar if that’s what you have on hand.
  • Cinnamon: I love adding a little bit of ground cinnamon to enhance the overall flavor of the dish.
  • Salt: Salt to season the carrots and balance the sweetness of the glaze.

To serve, we also added a little bit of fresh cracked black pepper and fresh parsley (optional).

Recipe Variations

We went with the classic brown sugar glazed carrots for this recipe, but you can certainly switch things up and experiment with flavors based on what you have in your pantry or spice drawer. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Savory Carrots: If you’re looking for more savory carrots, skip the brown sugar and instead season with just salt, pepper, and garlic powder.
  • Sweet & Tangy: If you really want to switch

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