Fried Cabbage

This fried cabbage recipe is a super easy side dish that goes with just about any meal. It’s flavorful, budget-friendly comfort food at its best!

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Fried cabbage is an incredibly underrated side dish, IMHO. It’s cheap, you only need a handful of simple ingredients, and it goes with everything. Plus, cabbage is one of my favorite budget ingredients because it’s so filling and nutritious, and you really don’t need a lot to make it taste great. This Fried Cabbage recipe is as easy as it gets and it’s so good that I find myself making it over and over. It’s one of those recipes where I actually look forward to eating the leftovers!

Overhead view of fried cabbage in a skillet.

Fried cabbage is a classic Southern side dish that you’re likely to find at BBQ joints and soul food kitchens across the Southern United States. It’s simply chopped cabbage that has been fried in bacon grease until golden brown and delicious. Seriously, words can not describe how amazing this melt-in-your-mouth cabbage is.

Ingredients for Fried Cabbage

It doesn’t take a lot to make fried cabbage taste incredible. Here are the few simple ingredients you’ll need to make this fried cabbage recipe:

  • Cabbage: This is the bulk of the recipe. It’s inexpensive, filling, and has tons of fiber (yay)! Look for cabbage that has a nice green color and isn’t very heavy for its size. Dense, compact cabbage can be underripe, have a tough texture, and lack flavor.
  • Bacon: Bacon adds flavor, salt, and fat to the cabbage, making it extra finger-licking good. See below for suggestions if you prefer a vegetarian fried cabbage or can’t eat pork.
  • Onion: Adding an onion to the fried cabbage brings both savory and sweet flavors to the table. The onion caramelizes a bit in the skillet bringing a slight natural sweetness.
  • Chicken Broth: Liquid helps steam and soften the cabbage, which can otherwise be quite tough. Using chicken broth instead of plain water ensures maximum flavor. You can substitute with other broth flavors, if preferred.
  • Seasoning Salt: I like to season my fried cabbage with an all-in-one seasoning salt, like Lawry’s or Tony Chacherie’s. We used Tony’s

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