I LIKE ME! Self love affirmation subliminal with big band music


You can load software programs into just like a regular computer. In fact you have been loading software into that subconscious mind from the moment you are born. From your unique speech patterns to the way you see yourself psychologically. Whether you are aware of it or not. Your subconscious mind has been directly impacting almost every aspect of your life.

Just like a computer your subconscious mind have no ability to reject an idea once it is absorbed into it.

Take an idea like “I am really good at math” Even if you are not good in math if your feed this idea into your subconscious mind over and over again until it is firmly planted in there. It will begin to move you in the directions that you need to be heading towards for that statement to be true. Of course, it this can also work in the oppose way.

Now the amazing thing about this subconscious mind of ours is that WE can control the messages that goes into it. One of the most direct and most powerful way is through affirmations.

If you are looking to attract say “more money into your life” then affirmations like “I am rich” “I am prosperous” don’t work. The reason is by the time we are motivated to doing them we are usually in financial desperation. So what ends up happening is usually it begins to backfire.

When you say “I am rich” what your conscious mind says is “No you’re not. You’re broke. Look at your bank account.” Before you know it you are discouraged, frustrated and no better off than when you started.

This is where subliminals can be so helpful and powerful. Affirmation subliminals are powerful because they are not detected by your conscious mind where they are likely to be rejected. THEY ARE detected however by your subconscious mind. Through repetition you will begin to rewrite the program that is currently in your subconscious mind that is no longer serving you.

It’s like a vinyl record. Every time you listen to a subliminal it’s like you putting a scratch on it. In the beginning the record will still play but over time the message on the record will begin to become distorted to the point where you won’t understand it at all.

My subliminals takes affirmations like “I am confident. I am successful” and I layer them under pleasant background music you can listen to while at work or studying. It’s like taking gross tasting medicine. If you put it in some grape juice, then it becomes easier for you to tolerate it. That way you’re still getting the benefits of the affirmations but without it becoming a chore.

Every subliminal I create have at least 4-5 male and female voices repeating the affirmations at different speed making it hard for your CONSCIOUS mind to resist or reject them because it sounds like a blur.

I don’t include anything harmful or negative in these subliminal because I use these subliminal myself….

Some people claim you need to use headphones for listening to subliminals but I think you can go either way….

Remember if you start to feel uncomfortable or dizzy or get a headache. Then please stop listening….and rest your mind. Just remember to be patient and consistent. Thank you for listening.

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This set of affirmation subliminals contains the following messages….

I like myself just the way I am
I let go of negative things people have said about me
I release past pain I’ve held on to for so long
I feel safe
I feel loved
I am loved
I am adored
I am treasured
I let go of critical points of view about myself
I like the way my face look
I like the way my nose look
I am comfortable in my own body
I don’t compare myself with others
I embrace all of my flaws
I let go of pain that others have caused me.
I forgive those that have hurt me
I forgive myself for not honoring my own worth
I honor my own worth
I like the color of my skin
I like the way my body is shaped
I embrace my age
I am proud of who I am
I am proud of my emotional scars
I am not afraid to be vulnerable
I am not afraid to show others who I truly am
I let my true self shine
I release doubts about myself
I let go of negative thoughts about my looks
I let go of negative thoughts about who I am

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