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When you believe and feel you are Enough you are then confident.

I’ve taken the time to research and find exactly what I feel is needed to really re-create the subconscious mind. This was important to me as I wanted to optimize the healing you were receiving in every way. I was careful with what I selected, from the words, the music, the frequency, the tones, and yes even the photos.

I felt that removing limiting beliefs by using repetition would bring the ultimate healing and the elevation of ones mind and ultimately their lives.
This is why you will hear some of these videos repeat the same few words. I want these words and/or phrases to become such a habit to you that you begin to think, say and even feel them yourself.
Eventually you will see the change you want and come back to the You that you are and the life you now seek.

This vibrational change can happen anywhere between a day to perhaps a month or more… Depends on your attitude and how deeply you need a reprogramming.

Each one of these Affirmation videos is tuned to the 432 Hz Healing frequency.

The first 20 minutes are set to take your brain from a high state of Alpha waves to the deepest of Delta relaxation. The rest of the song has 2Hz Delta tones, for a smooth transition of falling asleep to staying asleep.

These videos are set with Isochronic tones or “beats” which allow you to listen and still get the full effects without headphones. Its perfect for those who struggle with falling asleep, staying asleep, or getting a good night’s rest. Its also something I found beneficial since I love to listen while I sleep.

I didn’t think that most people were going to listen to these videos on a stereo, so I have everything set to Mono when I create the tracks. Mono is when you use headphones. You can still get the full effect with NO headphones. I promise.

Background Music – Orbital – by Lori Cunningham.

Background Photos by Pixabay.com

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